What does William mean?

William means "will, desire; helmet"

How do we pronounce William?

William \wi-(l)liam, wil-li-am\ is a boy's name. It consists of 7 letters and 3 syllables.

The baby boy name William is sometimes used as a girl name definition. Its pronunciation is WIHLYahM 1.

1 Pronunciation for William: W as in "we (W.IY)" ; IH as in "it (IH.T)" ; L as in "lay (L.EY)" ; Y as in "you (Y.UW)" ; AH as in "mud (M.AH.D)" ; M as in "me (M.IY)"

What is the origin of William?

William is used predominantly in the English and French languages, and it is derived from Germanic origins. Two-element name derived from the elements 'wil' meaning will, desire ; 'helm' meaning helmet, protection. The name was introduced by the Normans into England. It was borne by William the Conqueror (1027-1087), the first Norman king of England. The name was adopted by the English after the conquest and became the most popular male name for a period in the Middle Ages before being overtaken by John. The name was borne by the famous English poet and playwright William Shakespeare (1564-1616). The name was also borne by members of royalty in Germany, Netherlands, Sicily, and Albania. It was also borne by numerous members of the British royal family, including Prince William (1982-). The name Wilhelmina name variations (Dutch, English, German, and Polish) is the female form of William. The name William is widely used; it has 114 variants that are used in both English and other languages.

Alternatives used in English include name Bille origin, DeWill name, Guillermo definition (used in Spanish as well), Gwilherm meaning, Pim definition, Uilliam name popularity (used in Irish as well), name Wileck origin, Wileen meaning of name, Wilek meaning and origin, Wilhelmus meaning, Wilkes name, name Wilkie meaning, what does the name Wilkinson mean, Willaim definition, Willam meaning of name, meaning of Willard, Willem name (used in Dutch, German, and Scandinavian as well), Willhelmus pronounciation, nicknames for Williamon, Williams name variations, Williamson definition, short names for Willian, Willis meaning and origin, name Willium origin, nicknames for Willkie, nicknames for Willyam, Wilmod definition, baby name Wilmodd, Wilmot pronounciation, Wilmott meaning of name, short names for Wilson, nicknames for Wylliam, nicknames for Wyllyam, and nicknames for Wylyam. Other English forms include the short forms Bill pronounciation (used in German as well), Liam definition (used in Gaelic, and Irish as well), and Will meaning of name, the pet forms nicknames for Billie, Billy name (used in German as well), name Bo meaning, Byll meaning, Willi definition (used in German as well), meaning of Willie (used in German, and Scandinavian as well), name Wills meaning, and Willy meaning of name (used in German as well), and the variant spelling Wiliam meaning. Foreign variants of William include Giermo meaning and origin (Spanish), nicknames for Gigermo (Spanish), baby name Gijermo (Spanish), Gilamu name variations (Basque), Gillermo name variations (Spanish), Guglielmo meaning and origin (Italian), baby name Guilermo (Spanish), name Guilermon (Spanish), Guilherme name popularity (Portuguese), Guilielmus name popularity (Dutch), nicknames for Guillamus (French), Guillaume name (French), meaning of Guille (Spanish), Guillelmo definition (Spanish), nicknames for Guillem (Catalan and Spanish), Guillerme meaning and origin (German), Guillermino definition (Spanish), nicknames for Guillo (Spanish), Guirmo meaning and origin (Spanish), Gullermo meaning of name (Spanish), baby name Gwilim (Welsh), name Gwill meaning (Welsh), Gwilym meaning of name (Welsh), name Gwyllim origin (Welsh), meaning of Ilermo (Spanish), Jelle name variations (Dutch), Memo meaning (Spanish), Quillermo name popularity (Spanish), Quilliam name popularity (Gaelic), Uilleam name variations (Gaelic and Scottish), Ulick meaning and origin (Irish), name Vas meaning (Russian), Vasilak name variations (Russian), what does the name Vasili mean (Russian), Vasilios name popularity (Greek), nicknames for Vasiliy (Russian), Vaska definition (Russian), meaning of Vassili (Russian), nicknames for Vassily (Russian), Vassos name (Greek), nicknames for Vasya (Russian), Vasyl meaning (German, Russian, and Slavic), Vila pronounciation (Czech), meaning of Vilek (Czech), baby name Vilelmo (Italian), Vilem definition (Czech), Vilém pronounciation (Czech), Vilhelm name variations (Scandinavian and Slavic), Vilhelmas definition (Lithuanian), Vilhelms name (Latvian), name Viliam origin (Czech), Viljo name variations (Finnish), Vilko meaning and origin (Czech), baby name Villiam (Czech), Vilmos meaning of name (Hungarian), Vilous pronounciation (Czech), name Vilppu meaning (Finnish), Welfel meaning and origin (Yiddish), Wilheim name variations (Dutch and Scandinavian), Wilhelm pronounciation (German and Scandinavian), nicknames for Wiliama (Hawaiian), nicknames for Wilko (Frisian and German), nicknames for Willemsen (Dutch), Wiremu name variations (Maori), and short names for Wolf (Yiddish). Specific foreign variants include the short forms Vili name popularity (Hungarian), Ville name (Finnish and Scandinavian), and name Wim (German). William is a very popular baby name for boys. In 1900, 5.288% of baby boys were given the name William. Its ranking then was #2. The baby name has since fallen in popularity, and is today of moderate use. In 2010, its usage was only 0.830% and its ranking #5, but it was nonetheless the most popular out of all boy names in its group. In 2010, William was more commonly used than the next most popular name, nicknames for Liam, by 55% . In the past century William has predominantly been a baby boy name. In 1987, baby boys named William outnumbered girls by 138 times.

The following famous people share the name William:

  • Actor William Holden, born William Franklin Beedle, Jr., 17 April 1918 - 12 November 1981, O'Fallon, Illinois
  • Actor William Hurt, born 20 March 1950
  • Actor William Macy, born 13 March 1950, Miami, Florida
  • Actor William Petersen, born 21 February 1953, Evanston, Illinois
  • Actor William Shatner, born 22 March 1931, Montreal, Canada
  • Actor Broderick Crawford, born William Broderick Crawford, December 9, 1911 - April 26, 1986, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Actor Darren McGavin, born William Lyle Richardson, May 7, 1922 - February 25, 2006, Spokane, Washington
  • Actor Boris Karloff, born William Henry Pratt, 23 November 1887 - 2 February 1969, Camberwell, London, England
  • Adventurer William Walker, born 8 May 1824 - 12 September 1860, Nashville, Tennessee
  • Author William S
  • Burroughs, born 5 February 1914 - 2 August 1997, St
  • Louis, Missouri.

List of baby names that sound like William:

meaning of Wallen, Wallwin name variations, nicknames for Wallwyn, what does the name Wallwynn mean, what does the name Walwin mean, what does the name Walwyn mean, name Walwynn, name Waylan origin, name Waylen meaning (English), Waylin meaning and origin, Waylon pronounciation (English), Weylan meaning and origin, Weylen meaning of name, meaning of Weylin, name Weylon origin, what does the name Weylyn mean, Whalen meaning (English), Whelan meaning (English), Wileen name variations (English), and Wilheim name variations (Dutch and Scandinavian).

The baby name William fun facts:

The name William in reverse order is "Mailliw".

The numerological value of the name William is number 7, which means analysis, understanding, knowledge, awareness, studious, meditating.

How popular is William?

William is in the top names in USA.

Source: https://www.ssa.gov/oact/babynames