What does Sergi mean?

Sergi means "language of origin is Etrusk and it is used"

How do we pronounce Sergi?

Sergi \ser-gi, se-rgi\ is a boy's name. It consists of 5 letters and 2 syllables.

The baby boy name Sergi is pronounced SEHRJHiy 1.

1 English pronunciation for Sergi: S as in "see (S.IY)" ; EH as in "ebb (EH.B)" ; R as in "race (R.EY.S)" ; JH as in "joy (JH.OY)" ; IY as in "eat (IY.T)"

What is the origin of Sergi?

Sergi's language of origin is Etrusk and it is used largely in the Russian language. Sergi is a variant transcription of Sergei meaning (English, Russian, and Slavic).

List of baby names Sergi:

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The baby name Sergi fun facts:

The name Sergi in reverse order is "Igres".

The numerological value of the name Sergi is number 4, which means a foundation, order, service, struggle against limits, steady growth.

How popular is Sergi?

Sergi is not in the top boy names in USA.