What does Wingi mean?

Wingi means "willing"

How do we pronounce Wingi?

Wingi \wi-(n)gi, win-gi\ is a boy's name. It consists of 5 letters and 2 syllables.

The baby boy name Wingi is pronounced as WIY-NJHiy- 1.

1 English pronunciation for Wingi: W as in "we (W.IY)" ; IY as in "eat (IY.T)" ; N as in "knee (N.IY)" ; JH as in "joy (JH.OY)"

What is the origin of Wingi?

Wingi is derived from Native American origins. The name Wingi means willing. The name short names for Wingy is a variant transcription of Wingi.

List of baby names that sound like Wingi:

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The baby name Wingi fun facts:

The name Wingi in reverse order is "Igniw".

The numerological value of the name Wingi is number 8, which means practical endeavors, status oriented, power-seeking, high-material goals.

How popular is Wingi?

Wingi is not in the top boy names in USA.