What does Berthog mean?

Berthog means "a wealthy woman; one"

How do we pronounce Berthog?

Berthog \ber-(t)hog, be-rth-og\ is a female's name. It consists of 7 letters and 2 syllables.

What is the origin of Berthog?

The baby girl name Berthog has its origins in the Welsh language. The name's meaning is a wealthy woman; one who is prosperous.

List of baby names that sound like Berthog:

Baruska meaning (Czech), Bertus name variations, Bradys meaning, British meaning, and Brites name (Portuguese).

The baby name Berthog fun facts:

The name Berthog in reverse order is "Gohtreb".

The numerological value of the name Berthog is number 3, which means expression, verbalization, socialization, the arts, the joy of living.

How popular is Berthog?

Berthog is not in the top girl names in USA.