What does Irmingard mean?

Irmingard means "whole enclosure"

How do we pronounce Irmingard?

Irmingard \ir-min-gar(d), irm-inga-rd\ is a female's name. It consists of 9 letters and 3 syllables.

The baby girl name Irmingard is pronounced as -ERMihNGG-erD 1.

1 approx English pronunciation for Irmingard: ER as in "hurt (HH.ER.T)" ; M as in "me (M.IY)" ; IH as in "it (IH.T)" ; NG as in "sing (S.IH.NG)" ; G as in "grin (G.R.IH.N)" ; D as in "day (D.EY)"

What is the origin of Irmingard?

Irmingard's language of origin is Germanic and it is used mainly in the German language. The name is of the meaning 'whole enclosure'. Derived from irmin meaning 'whole, immense, universal' + ermen meaning 'whole, immense, universal' + gard meaning 'fence, enclosure, protection'. Original forms of Irmingard include Irmengard (Germanic) and Irmingard (Germanic). The name is from 'irmen' or ermen ('whole, immense, universal'), with the second element gard ('fence, enclosure, protection'). The name was borne by Irmgard of Chiemsee (830/833-866), the daughter of Louis the German who became the first Abbess of Chiemsee. Variant forms of Irmingard include the German short names for Armgard, the German meaning of Armgart, the English and German Ermengard meaning, the Italian Ermengarda definition, the German what does the name Irmengard mean, and the name what does the name Irmgaard mean. Other forms of Irmingard include the contractions what does the name Irma mean and name Irmgard (German), the pet forms name Imke (Frisian and German) and Imme pronounciation (Frisian and German), and the variant spelling name Irmgarde origin (German). See also the related form, the English, Armenian, Catalan, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Scandinavian, and Spanish meaning of Emma.

List of baby names that is pronounced like Irmingard:

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The baby name Irmingard fun facts:

The name Irmingard in reverse order is "Dragnimri".

The numerological value of the name Irmingard is number 3, which means expression, verbalization, socialization, the arts, the joy of living.

How popular is Irmingard?

Irmingard is not in the top girl names in USA.